PERSON OF LA 17: The Dream Big

A classic stereotype of the performer is the small town boy or girl who packed up everything they own in a small suitcase, hitchhiked West with a kindly truck drive, to be dropped off on Hollywood Boulevard, where they were quickly discovered and introduced to a life of luxury and fame. This classic stereotype is a great myth of yore.

(Today, the only thing that comes remotely close is the small town boy or girl who is forced to pack up his or her life because they have a parent with a savvy business sense and lack of shame that will drive them to exploit their child for profit. This is the modern version of the myth.)

Yet, people still move to Los Angeles with that mindset. Many become professional extras, some get caught up working in the system behind the scenes, some are derailed from their aspirations and forgot what they even came here for, some move back, some die, and some actually “make it.” These people who do this are the Dream Bigs. They have and know their dream and want so much for it to come true.

However, in an ever changing and greedy industry, a lack of knowledge and prowess leaves these hopefuls washing up before they ever were. They become street performers on Hollywood Boulevard. They become secretaries for production houses. They get caught up in avant gardist theatre when they just want to do film. They cycle through classes upon classes upon classes because their “break is just around the corner.” They have a doggedness that is admirable but an inability to grasp reality that is so big, it proves detrimental.

Dream Bigs are in the pursuit for good. They are here to act or sing or dance or tell jokes. They aren’t going anywhere. Some have been here for twenty, thirty, forty years still trying to stick their square peg in Hollywood’s round hole.

The Dream Big represents the reason why everyone moves to Los Angeles: to follow his or her dreams of success on the big screen. These people are hopeless but also quite the source of inspiration. They are sad but also innocent. They are unfazed and unjaded and unbiased. They still have hope and, because they still believe they can do it, so do others. Their drive is infectious. They are nice, genuine people (albeit mildly stupid).

It’s hard knowing a Dream Big: you just want to help them and, for whatever reason, they won’t take it or they will fuck it up. It’s not that they don’t want the help: they just want that discovery—they want someone to love them for who they are and who wants to turn who they are into a movie star.


These people aren’t mean or rude or disgusting like other sixes. However, they are just so sad and helpless and “self-sufficient” that having relationships with them is extremely difficult. You just will just end up annoyed, depressed, and angry. It is best to keep these people at arms length. That way, you can still find them inspiring and helpful, rather than sad Never Wases.

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