WORTH THE HYPE? Venice Beach

Gist: Ahhhh: the beach—one of the most alluring qualities about Los Angeles. There are several beaches to chose from, all of which are very different. There’s the carnivalesque Santa Monica beach, the zooming Marina Del Rey, the laid back appeal of Hermosa and Manhattan, and—the most popular—Venice Beach. Venice Beach is known for the sites it has to offer, the board walk-ey atmosphere, muscle clad iron men, and it’s history of being an arts mecca in mid twentieth century. Venice is full of a lot of characters and a lot of attractions—its definitely a site to see.

Pros: Well, it’s a beach! That’s always exciting! You can get a Thai massage for $10! You can get your palm read for $5! You can take a dip in the Pacific for free! You can score some marijuana and smoke with your friends! Want to work out? Go to their beachside Gold’s Gym! There are plenty of places to eat, hang out, and congregate: Venice has the best of everything!

Cons: But, the “best of everything” attracts the worst of everyone. The area is riddled with tourists, thus making a trip there for a local unbearable. Homeless persons and strung-out twenty somethings march up and down the walk, conversing with colorful street vendors and booth owners. The feel is that of a sunnier, prettier, and more alive Wildwood, NJ boardwalk—but inhabited by crazies. Things in the area can be cheap; however, you get what you paid for. Keep that in mind.

Verdict: NOT WORTH IT. This may be a bit of anti-popularity on the writers behalf, but we feel it would be best to travel a little further south and hang out in Hermosa/Manhattan. They are so much prettier and a lot more fun (as they don’t have the crowds). Venice may be more convenient to get to. Just remember: with convenience come costs. Do you want to pay that price? No. You don’t. You’re better than that. And, we warned you.

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